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Information and warnings

 All metal in my jewelry items

 is surgical grade stainless  steel  unless stated otherwise.

 All my o-ring jewelry contains

 EPDM, non-latex rubber or  nitrile o-rings.

 All true crystal beads and  components contain lead

 and according to the Swarovski  company or Halstead Bead,  Inc.,  a well known supplier of  crystal beads, the lead  contained in their  products  cannot be absorbed directly  through skin; only by ingestion  or inhalation. If any child, pet  or adult should suck on, lick or  swallow crystal components,  the lead content in the crystal  bead or component would be  absorbed into the soft tissues  of the  body.

 Because of the real potential  for accidental ingestion, never  allow children (or pets) to play  with your jewelry, especially  jewelry  with crystal beads or  components.

 All jewelry items contain small  parts which could come off or,  break and  could cause a  choking hazard.

 The jewelry items I create are  not toys and are not intended  for children.